Friday, December 31, 2010

Commentary: My Final Twenty Books

n’t believe that it’s December 30th and I’m writing my concluding book summary for my final 20 books. On July 16th, when I posted my 81st book review I thought I would be done by August or September, at the latest. Not December 29th. But things happen. Things like the Three Day Novel Contest. I was also very tired of books for awhile. And I was spending much more time writing, than reading, which is a good thing according to my bottom line. But a bad thing for this project.

My 81st book was Love is Mixed Tape, which is a biography of a young man who became a widower very early in life. My 100th book is the story of a demon hunting soccer mom who comes out of retirement. In this journey I read a ton of books by people I’ve never heard of in categories that I never thought I would enjoy. I’ve discovered amazing people, like Jasper Fforde who just needed a second chance. And now I’ve read every book he’s ever written. I also have learned to appreciate James Harriet, who I thought was sadly non-relatable for a person of my generation. His books, I thought, were more for older people.

There are other books I could have done without knowing they existed. The most obvious of these is Florida Is Closed Today, which is supposed to be a spy novel, but made no sense whatsoever. A close second is One Thousand White Woman, which is something I’m not sure is historical fiction or historical fact. If it’s fact, it’s crazy. If it’s not, I’m glad. I’m really sorry that I spent days of my life reading these books. I think the Universe owes me some time back.

But all in all, I feel like I’ve grown as a writer in my quest to read 100 books. I’m proud of my accomplishments. I feel like every book has taught me something. Even the stinkers have taught me what not to write like. In 2011, because I’m somewhat of a masochist- and I freely own this as part of personality that I can’t change- I’m going to read 150 books. I originally thought I would read 200 but sanity prevailed. I’ll keep you updated on my quest.

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