Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Faerie Wars (Book 72 of 100)

Henry is an adolescent whose world is falling apart. His mom is having an affair with his dad’s secretary. His only escape is his job cleaning Mr. Fogarty’s house. One day, the old man and Henry find a fairy. Suddenly the pair is helping Pyrgus, future leader of Faerie, get home after someone misdirected him when his father the Purple Emperor sent him into our world, or as fairies call it the “Analog World”.

So can a hurt/hurting adolescent and an old man, conspiracy theorist save a parallel world? Henry, Mr. Fogarty, and Prygus can only hope!

I rate this book a 7.7. I gained a new author; Herbie Brennan is neat. I wonder if he writes for adults. If so, I’m going to check his stuff. I’m going to follow up on the sequels on this book, if for no other purpose than to check on poor Henry (who, in addition having his home wrecked accidently saw Prygus’s sister the Princess Holly Blue naked). It’s not the best book ever. It’s not the worst. It’s an okay read.
Great for the beach, when all you want is nothing that serious, but great scenes (occasionally). I am sure this book would’ve been an 8.5 at least if Mr. Brennan would’ve had a better editor. As a writer that makes me.

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