Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Angela and the Broken Heart (Book 79 of 100)

This is the last Angela book. The author died, you see. So Angela is stuck at somewhere between 7 to 8. I'd love to update Angela. Turn her into an adult; she'd be a college freshman now, as she ages one year for every two. In my story freshman Angela would rediscover her beloved Eddie Bishop, who moved away in this book. I told you I'm a hopeless romantic.

Back to the story. In this book, Angela goes to second grade. Her brother Nathaniel (who has always had a way with girls) is in love with a girl who doesn't care about him. She annoyed by Luther, the new boy who aims to take the place the absent Eddie (fat chance).

I'd rate this book an 8.5. It was a fun read.

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