Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Anatomy of Greed (Book 65 of 100)

his is probably the least Martina book in my 100 book project. It tells the story of Brian Cruver, ex-Enron trader and resident company new guy. He worked at Enron less than one year when, as they say, the shit hit the fan. Being a liberal, anti-capitalist I was sick when the Enron mess happened.

I pitied the poor investors and felt that most of the workers were greedy, capitalist types. Exactly the sort of people I despise. However, Brian Cruver is just a regular, recently graduated MBA who land his dream job at Enron.

Suddenly, the 20 something is flying first class, the star of conferences, earning 6 figures. But he doesn't like the long hours and neither does his fiancee. Both however, like the dollars signs. When things begin to go wrong, Brian is in denial. Even though his best friend who is an analyst in NYC and says "Dude" too much for any educated adult, tries to warn him. But just like most of Enron, Brian is eventually let go, although he "accidentally" kept receiving his paychecks. Luckily, he doesn't get jailed for this.

The admission of such of failing. He didn't report it when his standard paycheck got direct deposited. I don't approve of such actions, but after such a screwed event as Enron who can blame him. However, such an admission made him seem more human and less idealistic.

After Enron, Brian left corporate America and wrote this book (his only one, which makes me sad as he's good a strong voice). I'd rate it an 8.7. Enjoy it, even if your a non-capitalist at heart like me. This is one memoir you'll like even if you don't expect to.

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