Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Scopia (Book 93 of 100)

Scorpia was yet another Alex Rider adventure. It’s a typical self discovery tale of a 14-year-old boy, accept most 14-year-old boys aren’t super spies, like Alex Rider. In the book Alex learns that his father was murdered by MI-6. The very people he’d been working for! His father wasn’t a good guy after all! That’s plot twist 1.

In fact, he worked for Scorpia, master criminal organization; hell bent on global domination. Scorpia now wants Alex to work for them. But is Alex really a killer? That’s plot twist number 2 and there are way more where that came from.

I feel that this was the best Alex Rider book yet; I rating it a 9.25. Even though it’s a juvenile book, it kept me guessing. Not true in the other books. Read it. It’s a great beach (when beach season returns) or rainy afternoon book. The audio book is perfect for long car rides to grandma’s house or wherever, especially because the adventure will keep the whole car entertained, no matter their ages.

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