Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Angela, Private Citizen (Book 69 out of a100)

This is the third book in the Angela series. Angela is a first grader now and is entering prime mistake territory. Her first mistake using her parents 1040 form to send money to the government, not realizing that her mom and dad needed that form to file for themselves. She's convinced that the IRS is going to get her or her parents in trouble as a result of her mistake.

Then the poor kid is convinced that her brothers and sisters love their new camp charges (they are both counselors) more than her. Lastly, she sure her parents are going to leave her in the deep woods of Maine forever when they go on vacation while her brother and sister are at camp.

You'll like this Angela story. It's all about how things get just a little misconstrued and then get blown way out of proportion. Especially when you're only 6 and nobody thinks you understand anything, but you do.. sort of. I think that's way the book is so appealing to me, even as an adult. Every once in while, I misconstrue things, too, but I don't have the excuse of being 6. I rate this book 8.2 out of 10. It's a fun, quick read. I read in under 14 hours.

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