Friday, December 31, 2010

Commentary: My Second 20 Books

I liked my second fifth of books (21-40). I read more Pendragon, nearly finished Artemis Fowl books 1 to 5 were completed in this reading session, as well as rediscovering Sarah Vowell and Barbara Ehrenreich. Two authors I had known before. I spent a lot of time on history this fifth, learning a lot about US history in particularly (a genre I’m sadly not familiar with despite being a proud American). I learned about Sojourner Truth, an awesome woman whose historic home I live near. I also realized that the Founding Fathers were normal men, with standard problems- marriage, feuds, and friendships- in addition to founding the globe’s longest standing republic.

I’ve spent a lot of time, reading for entrainment since I returned from DC, simply too overworked by what was a really exhausting trip to Washington. I’ve started the slave narratives, but they were too high minded. I’m looking forward to reading it when I’m less overwhelmed and can focus on the beautiful words and amazing story of triumph.

My next fifth will include more Vowell and Ehrenreich, as well as finishing Pendragon, so other people can barrow it. I will also finish the Artemis series, I’ve only got one disc to go. I will read more on evolution, time travel, and history, as well as science fiction (my favorite genre). This project is going faster than I thought; 40 books down, already! And it’s on May 4th. Over six months to go; I’m sure I’ll finish my goal.

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