Friday, December 31, 2010

California Demon: Confession of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom (book 100/100)

On January 1st, 2010 I sent out on a quest to read 100 books in the year. On December 29, 2010 I finished. I didn’t think it would take me that long. For awhile I was reading two or three books a week, especially since I don’t have cable anymore due a dispute with my cable company. In order to keep myself entertained and writing regularly, because I simply cannot write in silence, I switched to audio books.

The final book I read was called California Demon: Confession of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. I’m not usually into chick lit, as a person, but something about Kate O’Conner and her average everyday stay at home mom life appealed to me because she seemed so normal. But of course, being a demon hunter is not a normal occupation. Being a retired demon hunter with more secrets than I have socks is even more abnormal.

In this book I learned a few things:
1. Not all chick lit is stupid. Some of it is actually pretty entertaining.
2. You can make a lot of money writing it.
3. At least it’s better than romance novels where people are having sex with people they have only known for three pages.

With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to Kate Allie, she’s the fourteen year old. Timmy, the two year old. And Stuart, the husband an inspiring politician. None of the other three people have any idea about Kate’s past. The work she did with her now deceased husband Eric and how many times she saved the world.

I’m all for honesty in a marriage, but if I was in Kate’s situation I would be tempted to follow her same path. The thing that annoyed me the most about this book, which I didn’t realize until I started reading it, was that it was second in a series a books. This always irritates me. I feel like every other reader knows something I don’t know. But the free online audio book library that my home library belongs to didn’t have the first one. I had to order it. To Julie Kenner’s credit, her series is very accessible to jump into midstream, even though I still don’t prefer it.
I would say that if you are looking for an easy read, that’s fun and funny and relatable, this series is worth checking out. Although I recommend you start with Demons Are Forever, the first book in the series, which I am reading now. I’d give this book an 8 out of 10.

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  1. Hey Martina! I'm so glad you enjoyed California, but I thought I should post a comment before you get too far in. Forever is book 3. CARPE DEMON is the first book. Hope you continue to enjoy the series!