Friday, December 31, 2010

Book review: Florida Is closed Today (book 99/100)

Florida is Closed Today by Jack D hunter was a free book that i got from my online library's digital collection. If i paid for this book i would be furious right now. I can't even tell you what the plot was about as far as i gather, some anti-population explosion extremest were trying to get everyone in the world to blow each other up. The main characters are Roger,an ex-CIA agent,his wife Eva, and various political hangers on.

This book was the worst book i have ever read in my life and i like books as you all know. The only bright spot in the entire book was Eva. But at the end they had to turn her into a damsel in distress which she wasn't in the entire book. I'm not surprised these people are sexist, Especially given the fact that one of them is a tea party nut, which I didn't know before I downloaded the book.

I rate this book 2/10 that's a really horrible rating for a book i think its the lowest i have ever given. You really should not read it. Unless you want to punish someone for doing something awful. On second thought don't make them listen to this book, make then go out and do something positive for the community.

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