Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Artemis Fowl Files (Book 50 of 100)

I’ve been reading so many book in audio book format lately that I’ve forgotten how refreshing a good old fashioned print book can be. Print can share go many things audiobook can’t. The Artemis Fowl Files is a perfect example, in addition to regular text it contained a word search, a “What kind of fairy are you?” quiz, crossword puzzle, and a bit of the fairy bible for translating. All of this things would have more been hard to convert to audio format.

That being said, I liked the text best. It was fun to read the interviews with the characters author, as well as Artemis’s report card. I enjoyed LEPrecon, the story of how Holly Short earned her acorns.

I also liked The Seventh Dwarf, a short story written for World Book Day in England some years ago, which I was considering purchasing from UK Amazon. I am glad it was in this book and I don’t need to spend 6.54 £ just to read the 40 page story. I’m also glad that my inner bibliophile wasn’t tempted to break the Amazon boycott my honorary niece had me sign protesting Amazon’s decision stop paying people due to the need to collect taxes, a policy that’s anti-human being, anti-sales tax policy just to read that story. I would’ve felt really bad, as it’s her first petition.

The story centers around Mulch, the dwarf with a Kleptomania problem and Artemis. It’s set just after Artemis Fowl, book 1. Holly is called back to duty to chase Artemis and the dwarf in question. She didn’t know it’s Mulch, she thinks he died, remember? Artemis and Mulch infiltrate another dwarf gang, and attempt to steal back a stolen tiara. Don’t ask, it’s a long story.

I am also please that I now know to spell D'Arvit (fairy curse word) correctly. I may start using it as I don’t like to swear in English. I rate this book a 7.5. You’ll like it, especially if you’re an Artemis fan!

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