Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review The Good Guy (Book 75 of 100)

The Good Guy by Dean Koontz is not the sort of book I normally read. It's scary! It is the story of Tim, an ordinary (or so it seems) guy who is mistaken first for a hitman and then for the hirer by the actual hitman. Tim is neither; he's a mason with a secret.

He's one of those guys who just can't let bad things happen to good people. So he intervenes to inform Linda Paquette, a writer with no idea who or why anyone would want to murder her. All she does is write "navel gazing novels."

The Ray Krait is a killer, with an obsession with "correct" behavior who likes to hurt people don't agree with him. He hurts living writers who he disagrees with. That's why he only reads books by living writers. He doesn't want to read anything he disagrees with and can't do anything about.

But there is more to this story then meets the eye. Linda, Tim, and Ray all have secrets. I won't tell you any of time, as that would spoil a good read. The last sentence of the book is "because she knew how to endure and he knew how to fight and together they were whole." Simply beautiful. It makes me wonder what would happen if Koontz wrote about something other than perverted killers. I rate the book a 9/10. It's a perfect beach book.

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