Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Love is is Mixed Tape (Book 81 of 100)

Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield ended my search for a love story to complete my summer reading requirements. It's not a traditional love story. It's part memoir, part music, article, and a lot of sad. The story is basically this: you meet the love of your life at 23, she dies suddenly 5 years later. How do you go on? Do you go on? How do you reclaim the spaces and more importantly, the music that the two of you shared together. This is the story of how Sheffield does just that with many backslides as is typical of life.

For a moment, I was really worried that he was just going to off himself, but he didn't. He left Savannah moved to New York City and got a life that wasn't dominated by his dead wife's presence. He even met a girl. Actually, I wonder how she feels knowing that the only reason she has him is because Renee died. That got to be a little strange.

I rate this book an 8.2 out of ten. It's amazing even though it's really focused on music which I don't really read about much. If you know any young widowers or even old ones, I'd recommend buying this book for them. Apparently, they don't get a lot of people speaking about their situation. Even though, I never had a significant other die and I hope never to, I've had a lot of loss in my life as you all know. This book was really helpful for that. I've actually included it on my list of books to officially have read if you want to date me.

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