Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: All Things Bright and Beautiful (Book 57 of 100)

I happily listened to the second volume of James Harriott's biography. It's fun, a nice work based tale of someone who loves his job. He also his wife and his bosses and animals. He'll goes to war in this one, in fact that's how the book ends. It's so sad!

I like the story of his feud with the neighbor dog who he treated and I like the story of the widow and how she overcame everything to keep her farm after her husband died. I liked the other stories as well. The thing I like most about this kind of book is that you can pick it up anywhere, although starting from the beginning is recommended. I am very excited because the third volume arrived in the mail today.

I rate this book a 9. I don't know about James Harriet's vet skills but I would think if being an author would have been his primary occupation he would've done well for himself. Lucky for him he's got two talents. A lot of people don't even have one.

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