Friday, December 31, 2010

Agnes and the Hitman (Book 45 of 100)

don't read chicklit. But this is an exception. I downloaded it from my library's digital library. It's the story of food columnist who meets a hitman. The hitman is a friend of an ex-mobster friend of hers, you see she wrote a book called Mob Food. Poor Agnes can't pick a man to save her soul. She always gets cheated on and hits said cheater with a frying pan. She's done this, a bunch of times.

But in this book, Agnes mights Shane- a hitman. He is a pretty nice guy, actually. He even likes her back and is not a cheater. A good thing for Agnes! She and Shane get on, and have good sex (always a bonus in my opinion). In this story, Agnes must fight to keep her house, plan a wedding, and get her column done (I can relate).

Shane has secret, but I won't tell you what because that will spoil the book. I rate this book an 8/10, high for chicklit on my personal system. Agnes is a cute character. She's funny and slightly messed up, but if you had 4 men cheat on you you'd be messed up, as well.

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