Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: All Creatures Great and Small (Book 49 of 100)

I'd heard of All Creatures Great and Small before. I don't an animal loving bibliophile who hasn't. The now famous bibliography by the English veterinarian has been on my "Read before I Die" list since about the age of 10.

It was a wonderful treat. The story of the young career and marriage (spoiler alert!) is charming, funny, and at times eye dampening, buy for the most part absolutely joyful. The stories of animals and their people will gladden the heart of anyone. I wouldn't like to meet the soul who didn't get a chuckle out of Trippy the dog and his pig roommate. You'll suffer with James through his first days on the job, his various love malfunctions, and his somewhat erratic boss and bosses brother to name a few.

This book covers the high and lows of the new (at the time) field of veterinary medicine. The triumphs and the hardships, which were at times heartbreaking will give you an honest, I believe, view of one English life in the 30's... the animals are a bonus!

I rate this book an 8.5 out 10. It had it's slow moments, but they were brief. It's a good cross generational read. There's love, but no graphic sex (as one might find in '90's biographies). There are work stories, but nearly everyone can relate to them, even if you are a cubicle rat. In my opinion, read it, you'll probably like it.

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