Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: -Anything But Typical (Book 46 of 100)

Jason Blake is a 12-year-old boy with autism. He's nuero-atypical. "NT's" as he calls them, or nureotypical people, people who think normally tend to make his life miserable. His only escape is writing and his storyboard website. There he meets a girl who goes by "Phoenix bird". Suddenly, he has a real friend!

But all is lost, when he's given the reward of going to a Storyboard conference and Rebecca (Phoenix bird's real name) is going, too. Will she deal with the real Jason? The answer is this question is sadly no- although I won't tell you how, because that would spoil the story- and it almost causes Jason to give up his writing all together. Will Jason learn to accept himself or not? Read and see!

As I person with disabilities myself, I must admit how realistic Nora Raleigh Baskin makes disability preadolescence seem. It's not so fun! I still remember! But Ms. Baskin does an amazing job, communicating in a very autistic language oriented way. Autistic people do have a certain way of language and she captures it beautifully.

I rate this book a 9.5. I loved it, absolutely. I'm ordering a copy for Shannon, even though it has big words. She'll like it and, I think, relate to Jason. It'll be a perfect adoption present!

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