Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: First Among Sequels (67 of 100)

m relieved that there is one more Jasper Fforde novel. It’s called shades of Grey. I had thought First Among Sequels was the last and was sad for the loss of Jasper. First Among Sequels is the story of Thursday, her husband Landen Parke-Laine, and her two/three, it depends; read the book and you’ll see, children. In this book, real Thursday meets and opposes fictional Thursday. There are three Thursdays in the book- the regular one, the violence obsessed one, and the hippie who reminds me of my ex.

In addition, there is a time travel crisis, which may or may not be good to solve. Thursday must also try to help her son become the man he is supposed to become- Director General of the Coronoguard. My favorite part of the book, being a poet, was when Thursday was placed in a poem, as opposed to the typical fiction she always runs about in. There were a few phrases I wrote down, because they are beautiful descriptions of my discipline. 1) They don’t do nothing by half measures down at poetry. 2) The thing you discover in poetry is your true personality.

Thursday has one more problem (like she needs one). Like Jack Spratt, she's big time in the "lie to your spouse" area. Never, I repeat never, a good idea.

I rate this book a 7.75. It’s fun, but not a coherent as the book beforehand, Something Rotten. Still I think you’ll like it.

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