Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: The Wish (Book 40 out of 100)

Every 8th grader who is on the outside looking at the in crowd has wished to be “in”. Wilma, this book's main character, is no different than any other middle schooler in that regard. But the difference is that she actually gets her wish, only to discover that it’s maybe not all it’s cracked up to be.

Secondly, Wilma didn’t word her wish that well. She wished to be the most popular kid in her middle school. That means it will expire when she graduates in a few weeks!

Perhaps most importantly, Wilma learns that being popular isn’t everything. It can cause you to overlook some great people like Daphne and Jared, who like her just as she is. If magic is involved, how do you know who you real friends are, spell or no spell?

A version of this tale has been told and retold. There was a new version of it when I was in junior high, I’m sure although I can’t recall the name of book. I wrote a story like this myself. Something about Wilma feels unique and not cookie cutter, though. Even though the story is typical, she isn’t.

I rate this book 8.2/10. It may be a cliché. But it’s a fun read, especially if you read it along with a teen and talk about it with her. In fact, I might order a copy for my honorary niece. However, I feel the writing might be a bit advanced for her. Perhaps I’ll send her the book in audio format, which is how I enjoyed it. That way she’ll comprehend more easily, despite her literacy delays.

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