Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: The Well of Lost Plots (Book 53 of 100)

Another Thursday Next adventure, in this one she must deal with a memory stealer and, at the same time save fiction. You see, Thursday is escaping from the evil Goliath corporation. Being a literary detective, she opts to hide out in unfinished book land.

Being a writer myself, I loved The Well of Lost Plots. All that adventure and those crazy book characters, especially Randolph and Lola, two original characters, called generics, who Thursday needs to advise in romantic matters. I know it's not real, but the story convinced me never to destroy another manuscript. None of my characters are going to end up on the auction block. It seems to much like slavery. I love the people I create, nothing bad should happen to them. I couldn't bare it.

This book is very well organized, especially for Jasper Fforde. It actually made sense. It also explained how the second Fforde series The Nursery Crimes come into being. I liked it, rating 8.5 for organization and originality. Keep it up in Something Rotten (the forth book in the series which I'm listening to as I type this) Jasper.

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