Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants (Book 88 of 100)

I read this book on the train to Washington DC in route to ADAPT i finished when i was coming back. I don't much like mystery books but regular readers know i am a big Monk fan and even a bigger fan of Lee Goldberg. The thing that attracted to me to this book was that it featured one of my favorite characters Sharona who left the series, she re appeared suddenly in monks life when she was fixing Julie's broken arm I wonder if this is how how they got the idea to bring her back for an episode in the TV series. But in this version he ex husband has forgone his asshole ways forever which is not true in the TV series, in the TV series she ends up with Randy, even though this book diverged from the TV series. I enjoyed it.

The thing i enjoyed most was Monks idea that he should have co assistants. Being a PCA service user myself this always seems logical when it came down to him. His needs are very different from mine but i know that one person couldn't handle working for me all the time with no break, i never thought it was fare that he only had one assistant or paid for them himself.this is just a unsustainable situation but it's realistic a lot of people with physiological problems don't get to help they need and its almost never paid for.

The mystery is kind of interesting monk doesn't like Trever. because he mean to Sharona. But hes still cant let him sit in jail for a crime he didn't commit even though that means Sharona will leave again. There is a twist but i wont tell you what it is because you should just read the book i rate this book a 8.25 out of 10. I think you'll like it i know i did.

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