Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review: Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony (Book 37 of 100)

Ever forget the book you were reading before a big trip and had to start reading a new book, worse if it’s a book on series. I brought non-Artemis books but they were all too deep for an activist on her way for a hardcore activism week. Am I too awful for wanting a little light reading? I decided no, and so broke a rule of mine never to read a series out of order. Overall, I feel that Artemis stories stand alone, but I will finish book four as soon as I can find it.

This Artemis tale involves the demon class of fairy people. Everyone else in the community believes demons (the 8th class of magical creatures) to be extinct. They aren’t. They are living on an island outside of the space/time continuum, but they are not. One poor, little imp (demons before puberty are imps) called Number One is getting tortured by the Pride Leader (demon ruler); the ruler happens to have a little secret of his own, of course.

This book was cute. I like that Artemis developed as a character. At one point he asked like a normal 14 year old, falling for another adolescent genius named Miranda. I hope Miranda comes back in the books; Artemis deserves a girl of his own age who can keep up with him intellectually. It must be hard to be a teenage genius.

This book involves a lot of time travel, which is a new interest for me. In fact, at one point Artemis losses three years of his life, which makes him more age compatible with Miranda (in my opinion). I won’t tell how that happens, it will spoil the book.

I liked this book. I laughed out loud during my train ride and didn’t even care if people noticed and laughed at me. This is unusual. I’d rate the book a 7/10. I feel like the series and will finish the last two book, as well as the special non-series book, I discovered while browsing at an independent bookstore in DC. By the way, unfortunately for Artemis, the plural of genius is not genii, but geniuses. Bad genius! Bad genius!

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