Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: The Trench (Book 55 of 100)

I'm glad it was to hot to go aware today. I have been reading The Trench all day long. I didn't expect to like it, sequels usually suck. I loved Meg, even though it was not my usual genre. I ordered all of the series (there are 4, thus far), but honestly didn't expect much. I was happily wrong.

In this tale, Jonas Taylor and Terry Tanaka are married, but not too happily- a miscarriage, bankruptcy, law suits, and the stress of taking care of a monster shark are too much. This is especially true for Jonas who gradually losing his grip and the world of sanity. In this book, the Megalodon shark, named ironically Angel, escapes, Jonas put find and recapture or kill her. In addition, he must deal with an insane member of the Russian mob, his slutty protege (who Terry wants to kill and I support her in this), and Islamic terrorists associated with Bin Laden.

If this adventure sound convoluted it is, but Steve Alten manages to hold it together. Alten writes popular fiction, but he writes it well, I'm curious what he would do in other genres, but he doesn't apparently write in them.

I rate this book at very surprising 8. It is the best popular fiction can be. Sadly, all too often it doesn't rise to the occasion. As an author of sci-fi, and other popular fiction forms, I must admit that Alten's work which I discovered accidentally in the Union Station bookstore in Washington, DC gives me a glimpse of the genres, such as sci-fi and women's fiction, can actually be.

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