Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Meg (Book 54 of 100)

I don't normally read trashy adventure novels, but I do enjoy science fiction. Upon opening Meg, I discovered not a trashy novel, but a really good book. Jonas, the main character, is a navy diver who flipped out when he saw a giant prehistoric shark, the Megalodon. Everyone thought he was nuts, but it turned out not so much.

Years after Jonas has his sighting, the Megalodon surfaces and attacks surfers, fisherman, whales, and whatever else she can get her mouth around. Instead of feeling vindicated, Jonas still has all his old problems- a cheating wife, some doubters (even though the Megalodon's existence was proven), and a pissed off female water shuttle pilot who thinks he has the job of piloting the ship because her father is sexist. The problem is that Jonas has the hots for her, a feeling she is loathe to return.

But the philandering wife gets hers. The pretty girl gives him the time of day. All and all things are looking up for Jonas. That is, until he agrees, to try and trap the beast for a marine park, owned by the pretty girl's father- a Japanese/American internment camp prisoner.

I like this book, even if it's not typical of my reading material. Unlike most adventure books, this as I said, was well written, I'd rate it an 8. I've ordered all the sequels (three in total), although I can't imagine who they are going to keep up the well written nature of this novel, but I do hope the author manages.

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