Friday, December 31, 2010

Commentary: My Forth Twenty Books

I didn't expect to get here so early. I expected to cross this barrier around September 1st, but I've been reading a lot of short books lately. That, of course, ups the amount of books read. I've also encountered quite a few books I was simply unable to put down even though it was three in the morning and I should have gone to bed. I finished the entire Angela series. I also read a few more histories and bunch of James Harriott. One particularly interesting thing is that this 20 books included finishing the entire collective work one author Jasper Fforde and more sadly the ending of a series because the author, Nancy K. Robinson, died. Until Fforde I had never read the entire literary output of one person. You get a particular insight when you do that.

I've gained some new author. I never really understood why most people like Dave Barry, but after listening his CD collection, I can see his appeal. To me, he is much better in the ear than on the page. I've also used this section to complete two books that have been on my to be read list forever. They are Running out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix and Don't Eat this Book by Morgan Spurlock which can now go earn me a couple of dollars at the Raven Used bookstore in Northampton. The last book I finished is sectioned with Bus Girl by Gretchen Josephson, a poet with Down Syndrome. I thought this was appropriate being that I am a poet with a disability too. I plan to include parts of the review I wrote here along with other reviews I'm going to write of other disabled poets books in an article for That's called using your material twice. It kind of feels like cheating but no one says it's against the rules.

With this, fourth 20 out of the way so early (it's not even August) I expect to cross the 100 book barrier sometime around mid-October. This challenge has become just like Nanowrimo. I'm so close I can smell it. I find it hard to give up on something when you get that close and with over four months to go I don't see how I could fail. I must not be too cocky in this regard because when you are cocky things go wrong.

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