Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Point Blank (Book 90 of 100)

Point Blank is the second Alex Rider adventure. In this tale the teenage super spy who iv become to view as a cross between James Bond and Magiver is sent to investigate the happenings at one of those schools for bad children that you always see on the news. As sinister as you always hear about those places being this one as more of a twist which I'm not going to tell you about you need to read the book

This was a pretty good unpredictable story once you figuare out the main clue, which I'm not going to share with you. But its very contemporary and combined institutionalized with modern science as any book reader will tell you that's not ever a good combination for any hero. But that's as much information that I'm going to tell you how much to torture me

I rate this book a 7.75 of out a 10 as i said it has a predictable once you unwrap the clue which shouldn't take u long. However it's still really fun and a good read.

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