Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Dave Barry CD Collection (Book 61 of 100)

This was an amalgamation of three, unbridged Dave Barry books- Dave Barry is not Taking This Sitting Down, Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway, and Boogers Are my Beat. I'm counting it as one book because that was how I checked it out of the library. I liked this compilation, because even through they where different books they had overarching themes like politics and parenthood.

It was also funny to hear about things like North Dakota tourism and low flow toilets (went are apparently a big deal in his world) from a Dave Barry perspective. I chuckled heartily at several points on each of 15 CD's, which is good because after the day I had, a laugh was in order.

The most touching moment was at the end Boogers Are my Beat. There were two essays about 9/11. I especially enjoyed the tale of his visit to the flight 93 crash site on the one year anniversary of the attack. Fellow disability rights activist Colleen Fraser was on that plane. She died among the heroes. I would like to imagine that she was one. Colleen, was, and I say this in this most loving way possible "one cocky crip". I miss her, and always will, no matter hoe my monuments they erect.

I rate this book, an 8 out of ten. It's was a good laugh. It will raise your spirits, in case the need a bit of raising.

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