Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review: Niaomi and Ely's No Kiss List (Book 59 of 100)

This book was very funny, very good, and very sad. At times it was all three at once. It's the story of Naomi, a straight high school freshman who is falling out of NYU. The love of her life is Eli, her across the hall neighbor, was she's known since birth practically. It's not Eli doesn't love her. He does. Just not that way. You see, Eli is gay. The friends create "a no kiss list" in order to avoid trouble for their bubble of two person, soul mate arrangement and to ensure that no boys get interrupt their friendship.

But that all goes to Hell when Eli kisses Naomi's boyfriend, Bruce the second. Don't ask, read the book and you'll get it. Bruce II turns out not be as straight as Naomi imagined and falls head over heels for Eli, who is always one to "fuck and run" in the gay boy stereotype. However, for Eli, Bruce may not be just another one night stand, even if it costs him his best friend.

I rate this book an 8.75 out of ten. It's definitely better on audiobook, because you can understand who is talking. In print this is difficult to follow. I tried and it was little more than a big old fail, which I abandoned after less than 20 pages. No library had to book so I found it in the library. I used the free trial so I didn't even need to pay.

The story is cute and coming of age like, but not stereotypical. From sex to city edginess, the book might be written for teens, but I think most readers to like depth and shallowness (but not to shallow, just typical teen gay boy stuff), will like it. I did and I do. One of the things I'm super glad about is that canceling my membership didn't erase Naomi and Ely from my computer. I can go back and visit them whenever I care to. Since I like them this maybe a few times per year. Eight out 10.

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