Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Oriented Post

My great-grandmother was a superstitious person. She told me that on New Year’s Day you should do three things- leave the house (otherwise you’d get sick or hurt frequently and have to be housebound a lot), be productive (otherwise you’d have a sloth-like year without many accomplishments), and do good for others (otherwise you’ll have bad luck). I’m not sure I believe all that stuff, but I figured why tempt fate.

I try to complete the ritual every year. The one year I didn’t do it was when I hit my knee on that bathroom floor. The first thing you need to is leave the house. I did that to buy a massive salad and my poor, sickly, flu ridden housemate some Theraflu (which I guess also counts as helping someone), and pick up s red box movie. The second thing you need to do is be productive which I’ve done by writing a bunch of blogs and repaying some debt. The third thing I did was help others by donating $10 to ADAPT, the organization that helps free people from nursing homes and other institutions.

I think my great grandmother would approve of my behavior today.

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