Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Ethics

My ethics dictate the following in order:

1. Through no action or inaction will I permit or encourage any child to come to harm physically, mentally, or emotionally , even if doing so violates other ethics listed.
2. Through no action or inaction will I allow others to be murdered/or commit suicide, even in cases where they mistakenly (in my opinion) wish to do because of disabling conditions. Such people need connection to equipment, services, supports, and community to enable them to live the fullest lives possible. As I believe such and will act accordingly, I must help them achieve same.
3. To violate laws that are counterproductive to the creation of a more just world and to act non-violently in this pursuit.
4. To use my limited financial resources and artistic talents to help achieve the more just world in question 3.
5. If I ever achieve financial success, I will donate extra money to achieving the more just world in question 3 and not to become overly interested in money and things.
6. To not lie, if it doesn't violate 1-5. However, if the truth is cruel and will not alter the situation to simply not say anything is acceptable.
7. I believe that "teaching others to stand up and fight is the only way our struggle survives" as Sweet Honey and the Rock says.
8. To honor always the dead and the martyred.


  1. Very thoughtfully and well done. Much to ponder here; I appreciate the openness and honesty of intent.

    Raye09 (from Blogit)

  2. Very well written. Thanks for your honesty.

    Amanda (from Blogit)