Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book review: Travel Writing (book 2/150)

Travel Writing by Peter Ferry is one of those books I'm not sure is fact or fiction or somewhere in between? It tells a story about a man also named Peter Ferry,which adds on to my confusion and his weird adventures, trying to find love and find out the cause of a car accident which he has come obsessed with due to the fact he witnessed it.

Ferry,the character, is very much like Ferry the author because their both travel writers. I am not sure if the author is a high school teacher, but the character is. His description of his students is very comical and reminds me of mine. I won't go so much into the plot as it would be hard to explain is a short review. But everything works out alright in the end.

I rate this book a 6 1/2/10. It dragged in parts but parts were really interesting such as the travel logs and the description of Thailand it kept me good company while i was sick.

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