Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book review Midnight (book 5 of 150)

Midnight is a story of a FBI agent, a documentary film maker a clever little girl and a disabled person.who all must unite to prevent a horrible thing from befalling a peaceful New Eengland town. As I like clever little girls and people in wheelchairs who are not helpless you can probably figure out that I liked the book.Although I was a bit breathless at the end and I have tried to determine whether harry would shoot himself even though i knew he didn't have too. I am not going to tell you a lot of plot details because it will ruin the story and you need to read it but I will will tel you that this book is definitely worth your time especially if you have somewhat alienated teenagers living in your house.That being said I don't endorse what Sam did to his sons record collection but I understand that and may have done it myself if I was put in that situation.

A favorite element in this story for me was the character of moose who was a service dog. In case you don't know what service dogs are they help people with disabilities be independent.I rate this book a 8.5 out of 10. I don't recommend you read it right before bed because it is a little creepy.

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