Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Daniel X: Demons and Druids (Book 14 out of 150)

The latest Daniel X book, thus far the final volume in the series, (the next one comes out in September) was really interesting. In this story Daniel takes on Phosphorius Beta (#3 on the alien baddie list who is fire itself). This book took place in London, which was a nice change, from his typical American high school student existence.

I'm pleased to say that Daniel grow up a lot in this book. I am also pleased to report that I am not sure that Daniel's friends (Willy, Jo, Emma, and Dana) might not be made up by Daniel. This gives me hope for Daniel future, especially the love life portion.

I rate this book an 8. It was a fun read. Great for adolescent boys, but also contains strong girls, which is good for adolescent boys to be aware of. I always like books that show boys that girls are more than ornaments or eye candy.

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