Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Contagion (Book 11 out of 150)

Robyn Cook is a big name in the popular fiction genres; to my surprise the author is also a he. This story also deals with scary, medical outcomes. The main character is a man who starts as John and becomes Jack as a result of a tragedy. It deals with a topic I find intriguing- big pharma!

There is something wrong at the huge Americare hospital. Suddenly, there is an epidemic of weird diseases attacking the most “costly” patients. But this book has a twist and the villain is not the hospital after all. However, I will not reveal it… Firstly, because I do not do that as a rule in book reviews. Secondly, because I’m not sure I understand the twist.

Indeed, I skipped an entire tape side, without even realizing it, because it was all exposition. As I writer, I tell you that if you can eliminate a whole cassette side without your reader noticing, you need a better editor! This book as enjoyable, brilliant characters, even if the storyline was a bit meandering. A 7 0f 10. All criticism aside, I’ll give Cook another try.

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