Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review: Wired (book 18 of 150)

Wired is the last book in the Skinned trilogy. Skinned is the story of former rich bitch Lia Kahn and her adventures at becoming a cybernetic organism. In this final story (and I'm so sad for that), Lia must save her people the mechs (other cybernetic people, often with disabilities that are incurable. That's why they download into new, immortal bodies, from a horrible plot to kill them all, by normal humans.

This book was very fast paced. It had twists and turns that kept me not sure which way was up. There were sad moments, happy moments, and downright shocking moments (the whole Zoe thing; Oh, my God). The ending was very dissatisfying. I hope that the predicted ending is true, but I'm not so sure. The Quinn and Ani thing was kind of resolved in a positive direction, but again because the end was so unclear, I can't sure about that.

I rate this book an 8.5 out 10. Would've earned a 9.75 had Ms. Wasserman (and her editor) come up with a better ending for Lia. I'm sad, because I really loved this character. She deserved better than this!

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