Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: In Sunburned Country (Book 12 out of 150)

This book made me want to go Australia again, even though they have a lovely (not) strike of homophobia. Bill Bryson is a new writer I'm into. It sounds like a nice place. I really want to visit the stirmatilites (not sue of spelling), a kind of living rock that began life. I also want to visit the aborigines and learn about their cultures, especially hoe they handle people with disabilities. I was horrified to learn that aboriginal children were removed from their families, because it was thought that their parents wouldn't miss them (what?!).

Even though Australia has a lot of political problems and many poisonous whatevers. There are 14 kinds of poisonous snakes (and the top ten are all in the country). There are also lots of sea creatures that can kill you, even sea shells can kill you!1 I want to go and see it because as Bill Bryson says traveling is a deal to "see things while you still can". I want to see the many unusual animals that are only in Australia, before they go extinct. I also really want to see the Bungle bungles (not sure of spelling).

All of Australia is not nice. In fact, there are some hotels that including to author, he would sooner have bowel surgery in the woods with a stick" than stay in again. There are vast amount of just nothing zones, where people put up large things for people to look at, such as oversize lobsters and bananas. Still Bryson made me want to visit Australia again. That's no short order.

I like Bill Bryson. I've ordered another of his books. He's funny! His book made me chortle at 3am. I rate it 9 out of 10.

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