Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: How to Survive a Robot Uprising (Book 6 or 100)

This is a funny little book in 3 CDs, but the author of Where's My Jetpack? I'm really coming to like Daniel H. Wilson's writing. Perhaps he will be the discovery of this reading cycle. This book is very funny, but does make you think of how much of our lives are given over to machines and technology. Basically, we're toast if our artificial friends ever decide to turn on us.

While this book may sound paranoid to some, it actually has good points, which I admit to not following. I do sign up for sweepstakes. I am a member of a ton of reward clubs. My information is everywhere. Due to being in a wheelchair, I am transit dependent and can't simply go live in the woods. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that as Emma Goldman said, if the robots or other crazies come to my neighborhood looking to rumble ,"there is going to be a ruckus and I am going to be in it."

I rate this book a 8/10. It's funny. You might learn something that will help you in life, if not with robots, with privacy issues, a thing many people are dealing with nowadays.

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