Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Mary, Mary (book 8 of 150)

I have never read a James Patterson book, although I know who he is and had of course heard of his famous Alex Cross character. In this 11th book, Dr. Cross (a profiler works for the FBI and lives in DC). He also is a bit of a player (his co-worker named Jam, a California detective named Jean, and a doctor named Kayla all want him).

In addition to being a famous detective, he is a dad of three- Damon (13), Jemy (11), and Ali (3). He is involved in a nasty custody battle. His ex-wife is, I think, a bit bipolar, which makes me worry about her parenting ability.

He is on vacation when Hollywood elites begin to get murdered and he can't resist getting involved, even though he promised his kids and Nana Mama (the grandmother who raised him since 10) that this vacation. There is a big plot twist at the end, which kept up until 5 in the morning, because I couldn't bare no to know the end.

I rate this book an 8.7. I'm totally going to read the rest of them (18 more titles). They will make a dent in my 150 book total.

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