Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Review: The Cassandra Coompact (book 19 of 150)

The second book in the Covert One Series is called The Cassandra Compact. It featured John Smith, Peter Howell, and Randi Russell (although Randi and Peter have tiny parts). The plot was a little too similar to The Hades Factor for me, but in this case the bio-terrorist nut is an American patriot in the military. He wants to reengineer small pox as a bio-weapon for use against American enemies. And we thought Bush II was crazy?! I really hope that all this novels in the series are not about bio terrorism; you can only read so many novels about that without getting bored, no matter how neat the characters are.

I rate this book a 7. Mostly because the characters were neat. I like like Megan, the astronaut, and Sasha, the teenage hacker. I hope that both will have other appearances in the series. It's worth a read, although you might find it a bit boring after you read The Hades Factor, as I was, but it was fun to revisit those characters that I'd met and enjoyed.

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