Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: The Year My Mother Left (Book 16 out of 150)

This the story of a boy whose mother leaves him at the age of nine. He deals with abandonment (she doesn't call or see him for years), step parents, real parents who are not in either case, in my opinion, all that stable. This standard, not so standard, coming of age tale (because we are so used to dads leaving rather than moms).

It's hard to write a book when a main character grows between the ages 9-13. As a writer, I know that's difficult. The thing that is really heartbreaking is that it is a fiction retelling of the author's actual childhood. Poor boy! This book is for readers of age about 11&up. You will relate to this young boy, especially if you have grown up in a divorced household.

I rate this book an 8, as I said great books for divorced kids (or parents for a description of how not to behave when divorcing).

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