Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: The Hades Project (book 10 of 150)

This is the first book in the Covert One Series. I'm not usually into spy novels, but I love a good medical thriller and spy novels are growing one me. In this tale, this is a cool autistic guy, a doctor who loves his country, and a plot that doesn't seem a that far from the the reality.

Dr. John loves and works with Sophia, a scientist They are both virologists. They are trying to solve a mega murdering virus. When Sophia is killed by the bad guy (he injected her with the virus). John is beside himself and the hunt for vengeance. Never piss off that guy! If he were a real person there is no way I would annoy him.

My favorite sub characters are Marty (autistic guy/computer genius) and Peter (London ex- I think-spy). I'm looking forward to seeing John and hopefully Marty and Peter again in the next books. I'm also hoping that John and Randi, Sofia's look-a-like sister, will get together. I think the now dead Sophia will like it,

I rate this book an 8.2. It's way better than your standard government/spy type novel. It's a great, typical (but not so typical) spy novel. It's more fun; lots of plot twists. Read it with a grin!

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