Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writing and Money

I just found out some depressing news. I worked over 45 hours on writing this week; I made a total of $12.97 for the week. That's approximately 28.5 cents an hour. I guess the term "starving artist" really does apply. Happily, at least I made more than Michael Vick, the dog fighting Atlanta Falcons quarterback, made from his jail cell. He gets paid 12 cents an hour. And for the entire last month, according to the article I read last night, he recorded his income at $12.89. This means that I make approximately, at the moment, four time what Michael Vick does. Well, then, I'm not a dog-murdering animal cruelty person, so I guess that can't be too good. Just a random thought I wanted to share with you.

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