Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review: Flash Forward (book 1 of 100 for 2010)

One of my lastest quests to read/review 100 books in 2010. All the reviews are here.

I really loved this book by Robert J. Sawyer. It's based on a TV series that I started watching when I still had cable. It's a really awesome basis for a TV series. I am up at 3 in morning listening to tales of Theo, Lloyd, and the rest of the crew of physicists I've become attached to. An odd thing for a person whose never really been attached to physics as a field.

Flash forward is a physics novel, but it's a truly human interest book. Read it; you'll like it, It's got love, mystery, time travel, something for everybody, It's the tale of what happens when humanity, as a whole, gets a 2 minute view of their collective future 21 years in the future. Will Lloyd marry his dream girl, even though he knows it won't last? Will Theo be murdered by a stranger for reasons he can't figure it out? What will this "event" do to humanity? Who will hold on to dreams? Who will stop dreaming forever?

These are the questions the book will leave you pondering. Or, at least the things it left me pondering. I score it 8.25 out of 10, which may seem low for a book a liked, but is a true and honest rating as some parts of the book simply don't hold their own, while other parts are awesome beyond understanding.

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