Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Review: Next (Book 18 out 100)

t’s very rare that I call a book amazing and even more rare with all of writing I’ve had to do with all the writing I’ve had to do of late. I’ve started a bunch of books lately, but haven’t finished one or wrote a review in over two weeks. Next by Michael Crichton totally rewired my literary mindset (awesome since I start editing my 3 day novel in earnest tomorrow).

It’s the tail of a monkey, a parrot, some Jamies, a couple of bounty hunters, cell lines, and bad ideas. It’s paced fast enough to suit any ADD attention span. You have a lot of characters from whom to pick your favorite- both human and not. My favorites are Dave and Gerard, both non human.

It kind of reminded me of And the Band Played on, with all the intersecting tales. If you don’t like one story, wait a few pages and you’ll be in another one. I rate this book a 9 out of 10. Read it; I think you’ll like it, especially on audio book.

I also enjoyed the bonus features (an interview with the author and an author’s afterward with Michael Crichton). Crichton says something I agree with, “If (universities or corporations) can’t get permission, they can’t use my tissues” Well said, no owns my cells but me.

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