Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review: Robinson Crusoe (book 2 of 100 for 2010)

I saw Robinson Crusoe as a TV series and loved it. So I was eager to read the an unabridged version by Daniel Defoe on CD. But I was most unhappy with the audio book. It kind of the ramblings of a crazy man, who's been without human contact. For most of the first 6 CD's he talks just to us "the audience". Friday, the black man servant, is a good addition to Robinson's lonely life. I'm very sorry that his wife and the rest of the storyline from the TV series are made up by Hollywood. This is very much like The Running Man or Total Recall, two of my favorite sci-fi movies ever, are so different from the books they are supposed to be based on, this writer doesn't understand how her fellows can allow their work to be manipulated thusly, although in Defoe's case he's long dead.

Normally, I hate abridged versions of books, but I think this story could've been told in 4 CD's rather than 9 I received when I borrowed the book from the library. I also don't much like slavery or brown people being rescued by white people, but I do not think that Robinson is your typical master. He remains me of Qui-Gon Jinn (of Star Wars) who rescued Jar Jar Binks (also of Star Wars)., who afterward was life in debt to Qui-Gon. I wonder if George Lucas thought of this when he was writing his opus.

I rate this classic take a 5/10. Defoe's sentences are crazy run ons. This may be the one good lesson I learned from this book. I have the same tendancy with the craft as Defoe, namely run on sentances. I am going to go to bed near three in the morning, with this awful tale. But I am so close to being done with this I figure I might as well finish this book.

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