Friday, January 1, 2016

Kick Start Your Creativity- Day 1

Note: I'm doing a 30 day 'Kick start your Creativity' online workshop. Publishing a post every day will also allow me to confront my perfectionism devil because nothing posted in one day can be perfect and I know that.

Success would look like having begun a few of my long planned stories, especially my Sam novel, which has been running about in my head forever. Sam deserves to have a life outside my brain where she has lived for decades. 

God, I treat her like she’s a real person. I guess that’s because to me she always has been. I just had an inspiration. Suppose one’s characters could communicate with them (subtly and with a lot of effort on the characters’ part). In the fictional world, writers are called flesh people

I need to finish my Matthew Shepard\Laura Hershey chapbook. I began writing it in 2010 when I attended fellow disability rights activist and poet Laura Hershey’s  memorial celebration and then visited the site of  martyr Matthew Shepard’s murder in Wyoming.  It’s mostly finished. I just need to write a few more poems. I want to have a book launch party on October 12, 2018 (the 20th anniversary of Shepard’s death).
In 30 days, I want to be writing daily. I want to have secured an iPhone/iPad predictive typing program because my fingers and vocal cords are more important than money. Typing and using voice recognition are stressful on my fingers and vocal cords because of my cerebral palsy.

 I’ll have completed the rough draft of one of the ‘A Netherlander Responds’ essays. I’ve been planning a disability-centric response to the hallowed “Welcome to Holland” essay by Emily Perl Kingsley, published in 1987. Netherlander is the official term for someone from Holland, according to Wikipedia. That's the second new creative inspiration type thing/knowledge drop  that has happened in this 30 day project so far., Not bad for day one.

This famous essay is designed to provide new parents of PWD hope and knowledge that they are capable of thriving iduring the (often) unexpected task of helping their child with a disability grow, accomplish, and become.  The only issue is that this wonderful essay doesn’t provide parents any insight into the lived disability experience. I feel this is a problem because it doesn’t include any advice on how to make sure their kid understands disability history, is self-empowered, and has adult role models with disabilities (to name a few key points I’m  going to highlight). In addition to completing a rough draft of one of the essays I want to outline the whole project. 

As far as my emotional state in 30 days, I hope to have  rediscovered my writer mojo. I’d be earning $100 per month.  I find the fun in writing again. I lost the art when it became about the economics. I need to find a balance. Hopefully, the right predictive typing software will allow me to do longer projects and not focus on paid to post shorter pieces that pay low and make you live hand to mouth. 

The last thing participants are supposed to consider is this quote. "Every day is a new opportunity to make a new happy ending" anonymous author. This speaks to me because I've had a hard couple months.  However, as long as I'm dead, I have abother chance to redeem myself. 

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