Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kick start your Creativity- Day 3

The Power of Associational  Thinking

Today's Prompt: What would be a radical thing to do?

Love whoever and use the feeling as a resource (with their permission of course, once bitten). I want to audit an interior or furniture design class and use the concepts learned to write new stories. Use friends and surroundings more as material. Actually plan to smell the flowers with Harriet. Use the Internet to explore things and experiences that are hard for me to access. Find a way to fly again, just to get over my terrible Utah memory. Be sick and use it as material, not just sit and wallow. But pay attention to the actual feelings of a runny nose, scratchy throat, whatever.

Non-fiction writing: How cheese steaks send me home, how my allergy sometimes causes me to make bad dietary choices, what's first at the buffet (Michael Pollan). Also, the fact that Mexico is taking on big soda and the Australians are confronting anti-vaxers and we are doing neither. Work on the wheelchair bed pan and write about how it changes (or doesn't change) my life.I would like to volunteer with parrots? Travel writing: Take a trip to Utah and write about it, ride the MBTA from end to end and get out at each stop to explore/eat/play. Meet Paige!

 Listen to gaming sessions and mine for story possibilities or phrases- must explore snake oil (game within Robyn's game). Just found out its a real game for sale on Amazon- $19.99 (it's so mine the next time Robyn gets an Amazon order. Best creative tax deduction ever. 

Use movies, books, other media as a way to create original material. Like the Terminator that led me to wonder, "How would you parent a kid effectively if you knew they might need to save humanity one day, but you had manipulated things so that the big disaster didn't happen for now. How do you make sure their ready in case the worst happens, but still make sure they grow up without psychological issues, because you want to prepare them to be a leader in whatever world. Make sure to pay attention to this in Star Wars.

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