Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On thinking of moving

1. No change of PCA services required
2. Still keep the same people
3. Already know bus schedules and systems

1. Already in service system
2. Can keep Robyn & Beth (or at least Beth, as I don't know Robyn's plans)
3. Already have paratransit
4. Have gimp community
5. can go to Worchester for poetry

In all cases easier to get new chair if change states

1. Chicago ADAPT
2. Columbia College/UIC
3. Tons of cool crip stuff happens there
4. Dancing is possible
5. Close enough to Cairo to see what's happening if anything

1. Volunteer at Atlantis and Bolder
2. Naropa Institute
3. ADAPT chapters
4. Friends
5. No more having to feel isolated
6. Chill time with Shannon, Tatum, and Brody
7. Ian knows the Medicaid pca program guy

1. They have an an apartment
2. Can keep Robyn & Beth (or at least Beth, as I don't know Robyn's plans)
3. Friends
4. Dancing with Kitty Lund!!!!
5. Helping Julie with Big Apple ADAPT
6. Seeing lots of Lainey
7. Writing opportunities

1. Close to DC
2. I like their waiver system
3. Help MD ADAPT
4. Cool folks
5. Access to DC

CONS- Western Mass
1. Feel like I need somewhere to stretch my wings
1. Chair issues

1. Must fly to DC
2. Illinois Gov is corrupt
3. Far for holidays

1. Far for holidays

1. No real cons

1. No real cons

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